Friday, August 13, 2010

hold my hand-maher zein-with lyrics

Dedicated to all my friends...we're friend bcos of Allah<3

Kesibukan membatasi segala..

Alhamdulillah Allah izinkan saya untuk mencoretkan sesuatu hari ini..Pejam celik hari ni dah's ur amal in this special month? hopefully we're getting better..
actually i have just got back from Beaufort, Sabah being faci in SMV Beaufort motivational was great and luv to go there some more in future.
May Allah bless us all in this month..i'll be seating for my final exam pray for me..
i'll try my best to post as much recipe as possible for the benefit of all readers and followers in this month..i already have few that i have in my folder but do not have time to post it out!
Hope to see all of u soooooon!
Barakallalakuma wabaraka alaik!~in maher zain song~ngee