Saturday, July 3, 2010

My group project for franchising subject!


Salamualaik..thank you to Allah the most merciful for giving us the opportunity to live on da earth in order to fulfill the task as a servant of Him..Actually i have never decide to write about my cooks..but, it is about my group project for franchising subject which the question sounds like this " Your group is required to develop an existing local product such as roti canai,goreng pisang,keropok lekor, char kuey, muruku, or lempeng into a product that can be franchise, locally or maybe even internationally.." it is something like that..

so,last week in da previous class i had decided for my group to do something like cucur in various flavor or various gravy or coated with different dressing. Alhamdulillah, my ideas have been accepted by my group members and our lecturer Mr Firdaus. i decided to make the business concept is the product will be sold at kiosk..the kiosk can be stand alone or in shopping complexes.

the flavor can be durians, prawn, chicken, beef, anchovy, jackfruit and squid and the sauce or gravy can be bbq, kropok lekor sauce, custard sauce, mayo sauce, cheezy sauce and the dressing or can be coated with choclate with different flavor such as strawberry, green tea, dark choc, papermint, grape and so on..

The issue that has been raised up by my lecturer was that "whether the oily or fry thing like cucur can be coated with choclate"
so. i have given him one similar scenario which is very simple " if doughnut which is also fried can be coated with choclate why not my cucur".. then he agreed..hehe..Alhamdulillah i got the topic and topic has been approved by him.. Do pray for me dear friends for this project. i do not have much time to cook this week because of so many thing to do with my assignment..sorry for my broken english seems this is my first entry in fully english..Do pray for me..

this is just to inform my friends why i am not posting any recipe..
hope to see all of you soon~
daa daa <3<3<3