Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tears of Gaza in KLMU!

Ticket for the talk show as donation...=)

in the name of Allah, the most gracious and most merciful.Salawat and peace to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W the last messenger of Allah...May Allah bless us all..
This morning after my class ended, i was really surprised after looking at a poster.."Tears of Gaza"..before these all events under my faculty has never touch about this sensitive issue for us as a Muslim as well as to all people around the world because this issue becoming bigger and this issue is a kind of humanity issue.

I immediately asked from my class members about who are person in charge for the event. Alhamdulillah ...They are most of my ex-classmate. Then, i asked them who will be the speakers on the day and they said, they are still looking for sponsors to give donation for Gaza and looking for NGOs which can contribute for this event.. Hopefully this will be good combination with LL4G..i'Allah..

The programs details are as follows:

31st July 2010
8am - 12pm
ticket:rm5(student) rm7 (public)-all this ticket payment will be submitted to NGOs going to Gaza.

Wallahu a'lam..
May Allah bless us all..
Hopefully any representative from LL4G will attend this event..